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The University of Ottawa aspires to employing a staff that fully represents the diversity of Canada’s population. As a result, it is committed to employment equity principles and aims to provide an inclusive and barrier-free workplace. Therefore, the University encourages you to fill out the optional section that covers employment equity when you create your profile.

Below you will find a list of employment opportunities currently open to members of the support staff. To explore these opportunities or to apply online, please click on the title of the position that matches your competencies and fields of interests. The University of Ottawa accepts applications online through its Careers and Jobs website. If you are unable to complete your submission in this way, please inform us of your requirements by calling 613-562-5832 or by visiting us in person at Tabaret Hall, 550 Cumberland Street, room 019.

Job ID Title Grade Faculty, Service, School Closing date
J0315-1234 Manager, Finance/Administration and Human Resources11 Community Life ServiceApril 19, 2015  
J0315-1017 Undergraduate Program Manager, Bachelor of Science in Nursing11 Faculty of Health SciencesApril 19, 2015  
J0415-0011 Senior Library Technician-Cataloguer07 LibraryApril 19, 2015  
J0415-0062 Clerk, Interlibrary Loan05 LibraryApril 19, 2015  
J0415-0238 Assistant Director/Learning and Professional DevelopmentNM1 Cooperative Education ProgramsApril 19, 2015  
J0415-0244 Receptionist and Delivery Officer06 Faculty of SciencesApril 19, 2015  
J0415-0040 Communications Officer and Writer-Editor10 Strategic Enrollment ManagementApril 19, 2015  
J1214-0075 Human Resources GeneralistNC7 Faculty of EducationApril 19, 2015  
J0415-0066 Library technician07 LibraryApril 19, 2015  
J0415-0064 Clinical Research CoordinatorNC4 Faculty of MedicineApril 19, 2015  
J0415-0249 Coordinator, Web Content, Communications and Delegations10 International OfficeApril 19, 2015  
J0415-0253 Instructional Designer11 Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS)April 19, 2015  
J0415-0247 Web Accessibility Compliance CoordinatorNC7 Office of Vice-President Academic and ProvostApril 19, 2015  
J0315-1035 Administrative Officer08 Strategic Enrollment ManagementApril 26, 2015  
J0415-0259 Communications and Events Management Officer09 Human Rights Research and Education CentreApril 26, 2015  
J0415-0493 Educational Developer11 Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS)April 26, 2015  
J0415-0496 Coordinator, Academic Support and Learning11 Student Academic Success Service (SASS)April 26, 2015  
J0415-0531 Academic Assistant07 Faculty of Social SciencesApril 26, 2015  
J0415-0196 Network Analyst10 Information TechnologyApril 26, 2015  
J0415-0269 Finance Officer06 Faculty of MedicineApril 26, 2015  
J0415-0211 Programmer Analyst10 Information TechnologyApril 26, 2015  
J0415-0529 Editor-Translator (French)10 Office of External RelationsApril 26, 2015  
J0415-0533 Alumni Relations Officer (Arts)10 Office of External RelationsApril 26, 2015  
J0415-0547 Computing Lab Technician08 Telfer School of ManagementApril 26, 2015  
J0415-0540 Coordinator of the joint Honours Bachelor in Digital Journalism programNC4 Faculty of ArtsMay 15, 2015  

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